Upgrade From Totality 3 To Totality 5

To upgrade to Totality 5 please call (800) 286-3536 or e-mail us at Totality Sales.

*Mandatory Maintenance Plan: A Maintenance Plan is required for all workstations. Maintenance Plan includes unlimited technical support and all in-version (Totality version 5) updates.

**Additional Computer pricing applies only to existing Totality 3 licenses. New licenses purchased for additional computers are charged at the standard price of $399 each.

Totality Edition Price Monthly Maintenance*
Totality 1000 Upgrade - First Computer:

Handles up to 1000 active claims/accounts.

$749 $15
Totality 2500 Upgrade - First Computer:

Handles up to 2500 active claims/accounts.

$1,499 $30
Totality 10K+ Upgrade - First Computer:

Handles up to 10,000 active claims/accounts per database file and supports multiple databases.

$2,699 $50
Additional License:

Each additional computer (any edition)

$249 $5

Why Upgrade

  • Fully 64-bit compliant
  • Runs smoothly on Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Run your calculations overnight
  • Customizable multi-staged agreements
  • Fully integrated co-debtors
  • Link external files for quick reference
  • Extensive search filtering
  • Faster locally and across a network